"I’m convinced that I can add value to SMT"

Aniel Parbhoe, Data Engineer

Aniel Parbhoe started as a Splunk Consultant at SMT in 2016. With an abundance of enthusiasm, he worked on various Big Data usecases. He is the true definition of a professional who does not shy away from a challenge. And Aniel is only happy if the client is too.

All-round expert

“I am originally a Physicist and I missed mathematics and statistics in my previous job. From a software development perspective, I was extremely interested in Big Data. At my old job I had the luck to do a project using Splunk. I really enjoyed working with the software, so I started looking for ways to work with Splunk.

As a Splunker you need to be an all-round expert. Form hardware to infrastructure and anything that had something to do with data: Data onboarding, data intake, data transformation, queries, visualization, and a bit of programming. You must be willing to master it all. It truly makes me happy if that succeeds.”

A new environment

“The type of work I do touches every part of business, so that makes me involved in every part of business. I am still a technician. I focus on creating solutions in my head, but I also work closely with customers on different levels.

That placed me in a new environment. I don’t just work on a little piece of software, but I often implement the software myself after the design. I install the system, set up the platform, let data flow and make the visualization and use cases.”

Expert and village idiot

“I think colleagues see me as a combination of expert and village idiot. As a technical person, who has a very high regard of the profession, it is very important to get satisfaction from the products I deliver.

I think my colleagues do what they do extremely well. They all are professionals who take their expertise seriously. I feel right at home among them. And I am truly convinced that people see as an addition to SMT. Both for the ambiance, and professionally.”