Paragon CC is back in control with Splunk

Paragon Customer Communications (Paragon CC), formerly PostNL Communication Services, is the section of Paragon that manages end-to-end customer communications for organizations, for both outgoing and incoming communication flows. From commercial communication and service messages to invoices, through a mix of online and offline channels.

Within IT Operations, a large portion of the daily process require manual actions, which costs a lot of time in the monitoring process. Anass Bourkha is Application Consultant at Paragon CC. He and SMT set up a plan to use Splunk for structural improvements and solutions. Less manual checks, more control on IT processes and handling errors proactively, rather than reactively. That plan was put to action.

Quick initiative

“We analyzed our needs and we took a look at different platforms,” Anass Bourkha says. “We chose Splunk and from there we quickly came in contact with SMT as a Dutch supplier with Dutch support. SMT showed initiative and we got a demonstration at the office. There was a good connection and we decided to start a Proof of Concept.”

The collaboration moves quickly. “SMT answers immediately and deals are deals.”

Wishes and requirements

Prior to implementation, SMT and Paragon CC wrote a Proof of Concept. “We established the requirements,” says Anass. “We were looking for a dashboards that was available on different devices.  In addition, we wanted proactive chain management in order to see the capacity of servers. We wanted to see the errors and apply forecasting in order to act on it.”

From January 2022, Paragon started working with Splunk. “In an application we can see in real time what disruption is occurring, which customer is affected and when it happened. This will trigger an alert.” In addition, Splunk makes the chain visible. “Systems are highly dependent of each other. We can now see exactly where dataflows are lagging and we can act on it in real time.” This helps reducing manual checks.

Possibilities are endless

“Looking at all the possibilities, our enthusiasm may grow.” Splunk fits right in Paragon’s long term goals. “Using the platform, we van ad up to our clients’ expectations. Stability, flexibility and control of processes.” Paragon CC can use forecasting on issues, reduce errors and build trust and customer satisfaction.

“We only use Splunk for a couple of months and we have not yet seen all possibilities. Loads of information are available. It’s almost too much. SMT helps us see the bigger picture.”