Make choices, not compromises when it comes to collecting, ingesting and distributing data. Break the silos and get more out of your data investments now.

Finally: data made easy

Integrating data can be a painful process. Custom-built integrations, point solutions and bespoke connections will quickly make your data infrastructure extremely hard to manage.

Cribl solves these challenges by being the gatekeeper for all your data, all your use cases and all your platforms. Collect first, select and filter, then decide where it needs to go. This kills complexity and helps you feed Business Analytics, Security Operations Center and Observability from the same source.

Why Cribl?

See all data, instantly

Just turning Cribl on and activating the standard integrations will reveal all data in a real-time stream. Why spend months planning and building if you can have it all in days?

Select, filter, archive

Never again pay for ingesting data you won’t use. Cribl selects and filters your data before ingestion. What you don’t need right now gets archived in economic cloud storage for later analysis.

Lock-in-less flexibility

Most integration solutions demand that you buy the whole platform to get the individual integrations. With Crible, data flows from anywhere, to anywhere. Leaving you free to switch data platforms or add as many data processes as you like.

Enough talk, let’s test it.
With a Proof of Concept