Data Integration

It’s time to set your data free.

Are you re-inventing the wheel with every new integration? Studying APIs, building pipelines and adding complexity and technical debt? We’re calling a halt to that.

Working with the data? Or busy with the fuss?

Chances are, you’re spending too much time on the technical details of your data integrations. As a result, you’re not getting enough value from your data. We will help you solve that.

Less work

Building data integrations from scratch is too much work. SMT Data Integration uses a library of zero-maintenance standard integrations, dramatically cutting your development time and cost and saving you from expensive mistakes.

Less complexity

Every custom integration or data pipeline you add increases complexity, leading to a data landscape thats simply unmaintainable. Stop that right now and start reducing complexity and integrate data effortlessly.

Lower cost

Are you paying for ingestion of data you’ll never use? If so, you’re spending your precious data budget on the wrong things. Selection and filtering should be done at ingestion time. This cut costs and streamlines all other data processes.

Better privacy and security

To protect and secure your data, you first need to know what you have and where it’s being sent. You need a data integration platform that tells you this in real time. Complex, convoluted data landscapes reduce visibility and create enormous risks.

Simplify, centralize and get to work

Centralize ingestion with the SMT Data Router

Using Cribl technology, we centralize all data ingestion. From this central ingestion point, we distribute the data to your apps and integrations. Never build anything twice again.

Simplify your integration process

A library of standard integrations provides access to your data in hours, not weeks. Don’t start a project, just turn on the data source, see what’s there and start building your use cases for security, IT ops or business.

Take total control of your data

Our Data Platform gives you total freedom with total control. No more vendor lock-in, no more custom pipelines. Be much more flexible, but protect the privacy of your customers by always knowing exactly what’s going where and preventing oversharing.

We manage it, we help you use it

Both the SMT Data Router and the SMT Data Platform are available in fully-managed form. Zero maintenance for you. Just work on getting value from your data. And our Data Directors can help you with that, too.

The data technology you need


Ingesting all the data you need, without any custom integration work. Cribl is the basis for our SMT Data Router, offering fine control over data flows without adding complexity.


Splunk eliminates data silos and makes it easy to use the same data set for an infinite number of use cases.

Learn how it works: