No fuss, just data

Free your data

Data are valuable. Data are great. But data are too hard to work with. Data pipelines usually depend on a set of complex, custom integrations that require constant maintenance and attention. Here at SMT, we’re working to change that.

You need data to feed your data platform for your security operations, IT ops and business analytics. With Splunk, the possibilities are limitless in terms of how we turn data into doing. We update, adapt and build your data platform, continuously improving it with the latest and greatest in technology and process. 24×7 from our Data Operations Center. You will have the benefits without burdens.

Let data flow like water and electricity

We build data platforms and data routers that just work. We take care of your custom integrations, without adding unnecessary complexity.

No fuss, just data. We give you the data, not the three-month series of strategy meetings. Get to work, get value.

Defeat complexity. A new data source should be a source of insights, not added complexity and maintenance work.

Committed to openness. We ask hard questions and we can handle honest answers. We welcome your feedback and we call when something’s wrong.

Build it & learn. We get the data and let the data tell us what the next step should be.

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